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Town of Kirkland • Clinton, NY
Village of Clinton NY: Small Town, Big Community
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PREMIUM Directory ListingAnnual$89.95 (year)
BASIC Directory ListingAnnualFREE
Merchant SpotlightPer Month$150
Additional Months$50
Real Estate ListingAnnual Membership$295
Monthly Membership$50
Single Listing$20
Featured EventPer Month$65
Food Menu ListingAnnual Listing$150

Pay for twenty-four months and and SAVE 5%.

Directory Listings Changes:
We will be making some changes that will be going into effect June 1, 2011, we are introducing a Basic Listing and a Premium Listing. After June 1, 2011, your free listing will be simplified to the Basic Listing and will include your business name, address, and phone number. If you choose to upgrade to our Premium Listing, your business listing will be moved above the Basic listings and will include everything from the basic listing plus a photo or logo, business description, hours, web address, social media links, and email address.

Submit your listing online at www.villageofclinton.com/listings
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PositionAd Size (w x h) (pixels)One Month Term
Banner Leader Board 990 x 90$300
Banner AD1A468 x 60$165
Banner AD1B468 x 60$165
Banner AD2434 x 55$90 (Rotates x4)
Banner AD3234 x 60$35 (Category)
Banner AD4200 x 55 or 120 x 90$65
Banner AD5200 x 55 or 120 x 90$55
Banner AD6120 x 600$150

Pay for twelve months and and SAVE 5%. Pay for twenty-four months and SAVE 15%.
NOTE: All rates are net; no agency commissions are avaialble.

Advertisement Specifications:
We are pleased to offer our advertisers the opportunity to work directly with our partner, Brockett Creative Group, on producing advertising materials for the VillageOfClinton.com. Advertisement production can be handled directly through Brockett Creative Group, unless other specialized services are required, which will be charged at the cost of goods without additional surcharges. Please be aware that all advertiser will be notified for approval of additional charges before services are contracted.

About Our Banners and Online Directory:
Masthead banners and right column banners will appear on all pages of the Website, while content banners (AD3) will only appear on the specific page selected by the advertiser. Directory listings can also be purchased and posted in one category or multiple categories. (Additional categories will incur additional charges.) These listings not only offer exposure on VillageofClinton.com, but they also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value for your Website, contributing to your online presence.

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Unlimited PagesAnnually$595
10 PagesAnnually$345
5 PagesAnnually$245
1 PageAnnually$195
Event Page(s)Annually$55

Pay for twenty-four months and and SAVE 5%.

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To advertise call (315) 853-5088 or
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West Park Row in 1857

West Park Row in 1857 before the fire of 1872.
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